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San Diego’s premier indoor cycling center for triathletes and cyclists!

San Diego's FIRST indoor cycling center for triathlon training

San Diego's only MultiRider indoor cycling center for triathlon training

FINALLY! A San Diego indoor cycling class designed JUST FOR cyclists and triathletes!

Tired of the same boring indoor cycling classes?

Our high-intensity indoor cycling classes are designed on the concept of “one part pain and suffering, and one part exercise science” to push triathletes and cyclists to new performance levels.

The instructor-led indoor cycling classes feature real video simulation of cycling and triathlon races on our giant screen televisions. Work out to actual helmet-cam video and watch the resistance increase on your Computrainer as the pace and tempo of the peleton increases to chase down the breakaway. Choose from a selection of time trials, criteriums, hilly road races, interval workouts or even motopacing.
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See what our cyclists and triathletes are saying:

“…killer workout! Nothing beats it!”. M.S.

“…having John there to coach us on has been the greatest advantage of this workout. He does NOT let you quit. He pushes you beyond what you think you can do. For the self coached athlete, this is paramount. Also, just when I think I have had enough, John comes over and bumps my power. Yes!” – C.K.

“The race preview HAS made me feel more confident going into the CA 70.3 (Half Ironman 70.3) for the first time. I feel like I am not going to be faced with any surprises on race day.” – T.H.

“…the computrainer classes have given me a solid foundation for high intensity workouts…working with a power meter gives me a better workout than merely heart-rate training…” -M.N.

“I like that the class forces me into depths of pain that I refuse to inflict upon myself when I’m alone at home on my trainer.” – S.C.

Experience first hand the newest trend in indoor cycling – real video training for cyclists and triathletes using our Computrainer system and ErgVideo. Come try San Diego’s first Computrainer MultiRider Center!

Training for an upcoming triathlon?

Then you HAVE to try our Triathlon Bike Course previews of popular triathlons like:

  • California 70.3 Triathlon
  • Hawaiian Ironman World Championships
  • Ironman Canada
  • Ironman Arizona
  • Vineman – Full and Half Ironman
  • Wildflower Triathlon

Or try riding our Tour de France courses like Mount Ventoux…
Can YOU conquer the mountain climb that Lance Armstrong couldn’t?

Find out more about our Triathlon Bike Course Previews

Learn to pace yourself properly during interval and power threshold workouts on your bike. Ride at your own level and increase your cycling power as your fitness improves for a harder workout. Maximize the benefits of specific cycling training!

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